3 Southern Maryland house-hunting tips from your cat

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on October 30, 2019

Whether you have a houseful of cats or just one, watching kitty closely can teach you a lot about successful Southern Maryland house hunting.

Of course, you’ll never want to rub up against a homeowner’s couch or destroy the roll of toilet paper, but these three cat characteristics will serve you well when you’re searching for a home.

Be a hunter

Cats are serious hunters, even when the prey is a stuffed mouse. Even when playing, they practice their stealth and hunting prowess.

Watching a cat hunt is a lesson for Southern Maryland home buyers. If a cat were house hunting instead of mouse hunting, she would stalk the latest MLS listings tenaciously, pouncing immediately on those that look tasty.

Don’t give up the hunt because it seems too challenging. Crouch, crawl, stare hard, and then twist, curl and pounce when that perfect home is within striking distance.

OK, OK, you don’t need to go through the physical gyrations that cats do when you’re on the hunt for the perfect house, but you do need to use that same laser-focus, remain flexible, and be oh-so-tenacious.

Keep in mind that the absolute perfect home for any one person probably doesn’t exist, unless it’s custom-built. Decide what your priorities are and aim for fulfilling at least three of them.

Then, be flexible enough to compromise on the others if they conflict with your partner’s priorities.

Don’t get distracted

There’s no doubt about it – staged homes are really attractive. It’s so easy to see yourself living there, especially if the staging was done by a professional.

Southern Maryland homes with features you’ve been dreaming of – like a fireplace in the master bedroom, that to-die for range, or the perfect-for-entertaining backyard — can blind you to other, perhaps undesirable aspects of the home.

Don’t be like your cat – easily distracted by shiny objects.

But, do be curious like your kitty. Look beyond the sexy paint colors and amazing décor to the bare bones of the home. Don’t be distracted – be curious.

Stay aloof

Most cats are mysterious and somewhat aloof and can keep you guessing about why they even allow you in their presence.

Once you find a Southern Maryland home that you’re excited about, don’t EVER show it — at least not around the homeowner or the homeowner’s agent (or the homeowner’s Nest Cam). Rather, adopt a cat-like aura of coolness, disinterest or, at the very least, neutrality.

The worst thing you can do is gush over the home, expressing your love for it, and your overwhelming desire to own it – at any cost.

Nope, this is the time to be very cat-like and back off, as aloof as possible. When how the homeowner can’t tell how you feel about the home, you’re in a stronger negotiating position.

Oh, one other thing your cat can teach you: When we win the battle for the Southern Maryland home of your dreams, you are allowed to purr in contentment.

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