5 Buyer Incentives That Can Help You Close Faster on Your Southern Maryland House

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on December 12, 2015

Once your Southern Maryland home is on the market and the selling process has begun, your focus should shift to attracting the attention of genuine buyers. Closing on this house as quickly as possible gives you a greater ability to coordinate the purchase of a new house, consider optimal tax benefits, or make other important financial decisions.

Try these buyer incentives to help make buyers take immediate action on your house.

Tack On A Few Extras

Southern Maryland sellers are correctly advised to depersonalize the house as much as possible when they stage it for showings. But to stage a home correctly, you need a new decorative elements. Take note when buyers show an interest in window treatments, furnishings, or outdoor features that you are not intending to take with you. Add-ons like these can help sweeten the deal, no matter what they’re worth. People like feeling like they’re getting something of value for free.

Offer an Incentive for Closing Quickly

In a buyer’s market, consider offering prospective buyers an incentive if they meet your expected close-by date. This can be a closing credit or an additional commission to the buyer’s agent. The cost of these incentives are often much lower than the losses than can occur if the sale process lags. In a seller’s market, let buyers know what your goals are up front so that the offers you receive come from people who are willing to be flexible with their closing dates.

Credits Toward Upgrades

Does your Southern Maryland home lack the cutting-edge features that surrounding homes have? Set yourself apart by offering a credit toward upgrades. This will get the attention of buyers who are shopping at your price point but who also want the latest and greatest. Best of all, buyers can make the upgrades the way they choose rather than living with something that was already installed.

Boost the Commission for the Buyer’s Broker

Look at all the angles when you’re trying to attract attention to your home. You want to appeal to buyers but also to agents – you want to give him or her a good reason to promote your property. While the best Southern Maryland agents will advocate equally for all the homes that meet their clients’ purchasing goals, a boost to the commission could improve the awareness of your listing.

Offer a Credit for Home Repairs

In addition to – or instead of – credits for property upgrades, offer a credit for home repairs. The buyer can use this credit to address any minor issues that are recorded in the inspection report and to give buyers a greater sense of assurance. Opting to do the repairs yourself could hold up the process and lead to problems down the road if the buyer is not satisfied with the results. Offering a credit gives buyers some cash at closing that they can use how and when they see fit. It also relieves you of the responsibility of making sure that buyers are happy with the quality of the repairs.

Choosing the Right Incentives

It can be a challenge to choose the best incentives to speed up your Southern Maryland home sale. Don’t run out and spend money on decorative items just so you can give them away. Instead, throw in some of the decorative items you use to stage your home after a buyer has shown interest in them.

More often, you’ll find that credits toward closing costs, repairs, or upgrades can generate the most amount of interest. You can easily offer these upfront, and they limit the amount of money that people have to bring to closing, which can be a huge relief for the buyer. Knowing that these savings exist will make your buyers happy! The right credits can actually reduce closing costs by as much as 3 to 6 percent, which can be very enticing to potential buyers.

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