5 Tips for the Best Home Showings in Southern Maryland

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on March 5, 2018

Here’s a bit of truth: There’s nothing more disruptive to your home life than having your Southern Maryland home on the market. Chasing the kids around, nagging at them to pick up clothes and toys. Making sure the dishes are always done and that dirty laundry is tucked out of right.

Got pets? It’s even more challenging!

It is stressful to keep your home clean all the time, but presentation is everything when it comes to getting the most money as possible for it. Follow these tips so that buyers will see your home for the gem that it is.

Get rid of the stink

We’ve all walked into someone else’ home and smelled it: A stale cigarette order, the remnants of last night’s dinner, or the overwhelming stink of the litter box.

The problem is that we’re so acclimated to our own homes that we typically can’t tell whether they stink! But you have kids, pets, or smokers in your house, it’s a pretty safe bet that it does.

Cigar and cigarette smoke can be the most difficult to get rid of, but our blog post here offers some tips.

Cooking odors tend to cling to anything upholstered, so clean and deodorize the carpets, wash the curtains, bring in a pro to dry-clean the furniture, and clean the filter in the range hood.

Clean the cat box daily and bathe the dog frequently while the home is on the market.

Here are some more ways to get rid of smells:

  • Wash indoor trash containers thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Take the trash out before showings.
  • Bathrooms can get pretty rank, so Better Homes & Gardens suggests filling a decorative dish with cotton balls that you’ve dabbed with essential oils.
  • Fill decorative containers with potpourri, and place them randomly throughout the home.

Mask the noise

Have you ever lived close to an airport or railroad tracks? The noise might have bothered you for the first month or two, but then you got used to it.

Potential buyers who tour your home aren’t used to those sounds yet. They will most definitely hear the train or the neighbor’s annoying, yappy dog. If noise pollution is a problem in your neighborhood, mask it. Here’s how:

  • Set the computer up to play a sound effects loop (rainfall and babbling water are soothing).
  • Leave music playing, softly, during showings.
  • Purchase a white noise machine.

Lighten up

There’s a reason that we real estate agents tell our clients to open all the window coverings and turn on all the lights before showings. Light and bright rooms are far more appealing than those that are dark. Consider the following as well:

  • Use higher wattage light bulbs while the home is on the market.
  • Don’t forget the closet lights – turn those on as well.
  • Use a lighter-weight fabric for drapes during the marketing period.

Sell the lifestyle

Model home decorators know exactly who they are trying to appeal to and sell that potential buyer on the lifestyle the home offers. You can do the same with some strategic staging:

  • In home staging, a vignette is a small grouping of several objects. Vignettes can help convey the story of your home and the lifestyle it provides. Set the dining room table or create a front porch or deck vignette with a table and chairs and potted plants (like this one at suchthespot.com). Get more ideas on Pinterest.
  • Fresh flowers throughout the home will help add color and freshen the air.
  • Stage the kitchen and bathroom to make them more appealing. Rid the counters of clutter and glam it up with new towels and rugs.

Guard your privacy

I’m going to tell you to skedaddle before home showings and open houses. Before you leave, lock up valuables or take them with you. This includes jewelry; cash; small, high-value collectibles; weapons; electronics; and prescription drugs.

Home showings are critical to the sale of your Southern Maryland home. Doing all you can to make the home appear ready to move into will make yours the queen of the neighborhood real estate market.

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