5 Final Walk-Through Tips for Southern Maryland Home Buyers

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on January 30, 2016

It’s one of the last steps you’ll take before buying a Southern Maryland home – and one of the most important: The final walk through.

During the final walk through, you’ll confirm that the house is in the same condition you agreed to buy it in, that agreed-upon repairs were made, and that nothing has gone wrong with the house since the last time you visited.

You’ll be excited about finally closing on the house, and you may not pay enough attention during the final walk through. It’s a good idea to take this final walk through seriously.

Here are five ways you can ensure an effective walk through.

Avoid scheduling your walk through for closing day.

During your walk through, you may find more repairs that need to be made. You won’t have enough time to resolve the problems if you do your walk through on closing day.

Two walk throughs is not uncommon. If the first identified additional problems, a second is needed to make sure they were addressed.

Use your cell phone to check outlets.

Plug your phone in electrical outlets so you can make sure the electricity works. Bring your phone charger, and testing all the outlets will be easy and quick.

Look for junk left behind by sellers.

Sometimes sellers get so caught up in moving that they forget to remove old household junk. Check the attic, under the deck, and in the garage. The sellers may have assumed that you want their old paint cans or an old propane tank.

A seller should leave the house completely empty. Some items left behind – like paint – can be toxic or require special provisions for disposal.

Ask for keys, alarm codes, garage openers, and manuals.

Before the final walk through is complete, ask for working keys to all doors, garage door openers, alarm codes, and manuals for all systems and appliances. It is also a good idea to ask for copies of receipts for any repairs that were done.

Be emotionally prepared for a surprise.

Buyers fall in love with a house that is full of belongings, furniture, and art. They see a welcoming home and remember a warm feeling.

Fast forward to your final walk through, and you’re faced with an empty house that can feel hollow and cold.

Buyers are usually surprised by how entering an empty house makes them feel. Some imperfections may show up – carpet stains, mildly bleached doors, or holes in the walls. An empty house shows poorly. Know this before you go for your final walk through.

The journey toward owning a Southern Maryland home can be long, filled with ups and downs and lots of excitement. The final walk through is one of the last steps at the end of the process. Schedule your walk through well in advance of closing and know what you are looking for. Make a list of everything you need to check, and keep your feelings and emotions in mind.

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