6 Ways to Maximize Your Tiny House Storage Space

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on March 17, 2016

Tiny house storage is amazing – you need creative ideas to get the arrangement just right. Lofted beds and washer-dryer combos can create extra space in a small space, making the room feel larger and more accommodating.

To live in a Southern Maryland tiny house, you’ll need to find clever ways to keep your items both accessible – and out of the way. And as you build, storage will be a major concern and a major factor in how you design your home. These unique storage ideas and tricks can help you manage storage in your tiny home.

The solution may be more obvious than you think 

Your budget is tight, and the solution is there, but you can’t see it. Take a breath, step back, and look with fresh eyes. For example, strategically placed hooks on your walls can be used to hang all kinds of items – cooking supplies, hats, coats, foldable furniture, handbags, headphones, etc. Accessible, but out of your way.

Divide and conquer 

Furniture in a tiny house has to serve more than one purpose. An attractive free-standing cabinet can give you visual separation between your entry way and living space – and give you the storage space you need.

Get furniture to work 

Nothing in a tiny house should just take up space. If you don’t have a closet in your entry, a storage bench can hold shoes, bags, and other items you need by the door and double as extra seating. Shelves in the kitchen can hold dishes while taking up less space than a cupboard.

Stair storage

Does your tiny home have stairs? Put them to work! Stairs can double as shelves, cupboards, and drawers. You’ll be surprised how much you can tuck into stairs that are also storage spaces. In fact, stairs are the most creative spaces in your tiny house. When you exhaust the stair space, you will learn that customizable storage options are endless.

Hide what you rarely use 

No space in a tiny home should go unused. Under the bed, drawers on casters can conceal items you don’t use often. (This is also a great tip for the nursery – tiny home or not!) Garment bags can keep dust off of linens and clothing that is not worn often. Ottomans and footrests can double up as storage space, too!

Don’t overlook upholstery. Couches and other seating can be made into storage space, too.

Optional Washer

If selling your washing machine and dryer isn’t something you want to do, downsize to a combination unit or an apartment-size machine. Depending on your tiny house’s layout, you may not have to give up the convenience of washing your clothes at home.

There are so many creative ways of expanding a small space! With multi-functional furniture and well-placed shelves and cabinets, tiny houses are full of clever storage. Just think outside the box and take inspiration from others’ tiny houses.

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