9 Things That Will Turn Off Potential Southern Maryland Home Buyers

Kimberly Bean
Published on March 11, 2016

9 Things That Will Turn Off Potential Southern Maryland Home Buyers

Before you advertise your Southern Maryland home for sale, look at it through a buyer’s eyes. They will be comparing houses as they shop, and it might not take much for them to take your home off their list. Here are some common things that turn off potential home buyers.

Carpet over hardwood floors

Many people love hardwood floors, and they are a wonderful design element for your house. They’re easy to clean and don’t retain dirt like carpet. Don’t cover up your floors! Make sure they are gleaming clean, and let buyers decide whether they want to cover them up.

Using a bedroom for another purpose

What’s one of the first things a Southern Maryland home buyer will ask about a house? They will want to know how many bedrooms it has. If you’ve converted one of your bedrooms into a home office or another type of room, it’s best to revert it back to a bedroom before you sell. This helps buyers visualize the living space.

Overdecorating a kid’s room

Children are creative and free spirited, and their bedrooms can become colorful places that resemble a theme park ride. This turns off buyers who may not share your decorating style, and it distracts from the room.

Dirty dishes in the sink

Southern Maryland home buyers want to know that you’ve taken great care of the house while you lived there. They need to see the house at its best, so be sure your kitchen is clean before someone visits. A dirty sink always sends the wrong impression to a buyer. If you have a dirty kitchen and don’t have time to clean it up, try to delay the home visit so you can clean.

Making buyers take off their shoes

It’s not rude to ask buyers to remove their shoes when they enter your home, especially if you’re hosting an open house or you have several showings scheduled for one day. That’s a lot of foot traffic! Be aware that some buyers may be turned off by it and be prepared to handle the situation.

Pets toys around the house

Pets are often overlooked with you’re getting your house ready for a showing. If you have a pet, pick up everything from food dishes to toys to litter boxes and store them away. Buyers may not be as pet friendly as you are.

Having a family room in the garage

Converting your garage into a family room or garage may work for you, but that doesn’t mean your buyer wants the same setup. If you’ve changed your garage, be sure you revert it back to basic garage with no clutter.

Above-ground pools

If you can’t afford a proper pool, it’s tempting to set up an above-ground pool. Dismantle it long before you put your home up for sale so that you are not left dealing with a large spot of dead grass. Taking it up well before you put your house on the market gives your lawn plenty of time to recover.

Unique light fixtures

A beautiful chandelier can increase the intensity of your room, but it can also turn off a potential buyer. Unique and sophisticated light fixtures should be taken down and stored until you move into your new home. Basic light fixtures make a house more neutral, allowing buyers to better picture themselves living there.

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