Becoming the Hot Property on the Southern Maryland Housing Market

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on May 3, 2016

When it’s time to sell your Southern Maryland home, you need to change how you view the property, whether you’ve lived in your home for two years or 20 years. No longer just your home, the house is a product that is for sale. And, like any good salesperson, you want your product to attract buyers and stand out from the competition.

I’m not saying this is easy. You’ve made memories in your home, and you have an emotional attachment to the property. It’s not like flipping a switch! But if you can detach yourself from the home, you’ll find that you can benefit more financially over those what remain attached to their home. Properties that move quickly to the contract stage with few holdups in negotiation and reductions, usually sell for more – and that’s a goal every seller should have when selling their home.

What are buyers are looking for in a home?

The homes that sell the fastest have the hot features that buyer’s in today’s Southern Maryland housing market are looking for. As the salesperson, you need to understand what the customer wants and make your house fill that need.

When you’re getting your Southern Maryland home ready to sell, consider making minor renovations and upgrades; cleaning up the property; and adding some light home staging. You’ll find most Southern Maryland home buyers are looking for turnkey homes – that is, they want a home that is ready for them to move into as soon as the paperwork is complete. The more move-in ready features your home has, the more attractive it is to potential buyers.

Focus on kitchens and bathrooms

It’s a well-known rule of real estate: The kitchen and bathrooms can make or break the sale of a Southern Maryland property. If either room is outdated or a little tired, consider making upgrades what would bring some life into the room.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. A new coat of paint can work wonders in the kitchen. Paint cabinets white for a bright, clean look, and consider new countertops made from granite or quartz. Replace old faucets with new units.

Remember that upgrades are an investment, and you could see an incredible return on the small changes you make to brighten up the key features of a property.

Make the most of your property’s key features

Does your home already have some of the hot features buyers want? Experts know that properties with certain features sell faster than homes without those features.

So, what’s hot? Subway tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, craftsmen features, or barn doors put your Southern Maryland property a step ahead of the competition. Make the most of these features!

When you’re selling your Southern Maryland home, you need to think like the CEO of a company selling its new product, fashion accessory, or gadget. They find out what the audience wants, and adapts their product to meet the demand of their customers.

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