Could Your Clutter = Cash?

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on March 7, 2017

The arrival of spring does more than bring in flowers and warm weather – it also brings in a desire to clean the house and start fresh. For many of us, spring cleaning goes beyond a deep cleaning of all areas of our homes; spring is also a time to declutter and lighten our load.

If you’re like me, the donation bin or the trash can are the first places I think of when I want to get rid of unwanted but still usable stuff. I was intrigued, then, when home expert extraordinaire Bob Vila told me I might be able to make some cash from my discards.

In “8 Genius Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash,” shares eight kinds of items you may never have thought of selling. My favorites:

  • Sell old textbooks at
  • Give CDs a new life at
  • Unload old electronics – whether they work or not! – at
  • Sell outgrown kids’ toys and clothing to consignment shops and sales, like local businesses Leprechaun Lilly’s or Just Between Kids 

Add in the plethora of Facebook yard sale groups for Southern Maryland, and there are plenty of ways to turn your trash into treasure!

What’s your favorite way to make some cash from your unwanted items?

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