8 Things You Should Never Say When Buying a Southern Maryland House

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on January 27, 2016

Seeing something you love – or hate – can make you blurt out all kinds of things, some of which you will regret. You should always be upfront with your Southern Maryland real estate agent, but you might want to keep some things to yourself when you’re around sellers or their listing agents.

As you’re shopping for Southern Maryland homes and meeting sellers and their agents, remember these top things you should never say in their presence.

“This is my dream house!”

Good poker players know that you should never tip your hand. Instead, they keep a neutral poker face, never revealing the elation (or frustration) they feel during a game.

The same goes for real estate. You can maintain a stronger negotiating position if you keep your love for a house to yourself. Buyers who express unchecked excitement for a house are shooting themselves in the foot.

When a seller knows how much you love their house, they can use that knowledge to their advantage and try to get more cash out of you. It’s OK to say a few nice things about the house, but don’t gush. You don’t want them to know this truly is your dream house. Make them think you could take it – or leave it.

“That couch is hideous”

Hate the way the home is decorated? Best to keep that to yourself. Sellers will remember buyers who insulted their decorating taste and style. It could lead them to choose another buyer over you. Remember that you’re buying the house, not its furnishings.

“I can afford to spend X”

It’s good for you and your Realtor to know how much you can afford, but the seller or their agent don’t need to know that information. This can hinder your ability to negotiate the best price for the house. If you are asked by the seller or their agent what you can afford, the best response is to tell them that finding a fairly priced Southern Maryland home is more important to you than the amount you can afford.

“I cannot wait to get rid of that”

Already looking forward to remodeling the house? Keep that to yourself, too. Sellers are still emotionally attached to their homes – they raised children there and made memories there, after all – and hearing that you can’t wait to change this or that can leave a bad taste in their mouth. The seller could reject your offer or come back asking for more cash if they’ve heard that you want to change the home they’ve lived in for years.

“Why are you selling?”

Let’s admit it: We’re all curious about why people are selling their homes. It’s human nature! But it’s considered poor taste to ask, and it might open a can of worms you wish had remained closed. The reasons could be anything from a relocation to a divorce to something even worse. In the end, it’s none of your business, and making everyone uncomfortable won’t help you down the road.

“What’s it really like to live here?”

It’s natural to want the inside scoop on the neighborhood, but don’t start interrogating anyone. Avoid asking the neighbors personal questions. Go ahead and talk to them and give them a chance to open up, but don’t push if they’re not willing to talk. Imagine moving into this neighborhood; will they already think you’re a spy or a pest? You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

“You will never get that price!”

You may be thinking that the home is priced higher than you would ever pay, but it’s best to keep that opinion to yourself. Even if you think the price is off, it might be within range of similar houses in the neighborhood. And that brings us to our last point:

“I will give you [a very lowball offer] for this home, whaddaya say?”

Never ask your real estate agent to submit several lowball offers. Take your agent’s advice when it comes to pricing. It’s never wise to insult the person whose home you’re trying to buy, and you don’t want to appear as a buyer who is less than serious about the house.

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