Experience Maryland’s Earliest Days at Historic St. Mary’s City

Kimberly Bean
Published on May 10, 2018

Experience Maryland’s Earliest Days at Historic St. Mary’s City

You don’t have to live in Southern Maryland long to know that St. Mary’s City was the state’s first capital.

But did you know that you can still visit that capital city today?

Spend the day at Historic St. Mary’s City, and you’ll get a taste of what life was like in Maryland’s first settlement. Visit the printing shop, and go behind the scenes at a working colonial farm. Take a tour of the Maryland Dove, a replica of the ship that brought settlers to the New World, and walk through the reconstructed State House. Explore the Indian village to see how the Yaocomico lived; they were the original residents of this part of Maryland.

Along the way, you can talk with costumed interpreters about the daily lives of those who lived in St. Mary’s City. You can also explore the science behind Historic St. Mary’s City. The locations of buildings and the information in the museum’s exhibits are the result of decades of archaeological work at the site that continues today. From building foundations to aspects of daily life, archaeology is helping researchers re-create the city.

Historic St. Mary’s City is operated by the state or Maryland and hosts events throughout the year. It is popular with school groups – more than 20,000 kids visit each year!

The park’s hours change seasonally; find the most current information at the Historic St. Mary’s City website and Facebook page.

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