Get to Know Your Southern Maryland Homeowner Association Before You Buy

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on November 28, 2018

Buying a house in Southern Maryland? Congratulations! How much do you know about the homeowner association that governs your new home?

A lot? A little? Nothing?

A homeowner association can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. On the one hand, HOAs manage amenities like pools and clubhouses that make a community a great place to live. They also issue rules and guidelines to homeowners to ensure that the community looks unified and tidy.

But on the flipside, HOAs can be poorly managed and too restrictive on homeowners. If they don’t manage their budgets and plan property, you could be hit with surprise assessments for thousands of dollars.

You can learn a lot about a homeowner association em>before you buy a home, and RealtyTimes offers some great suggestions for “getting in the know” about your new Southern Maryland homeowner association.

From researching fees to asking about the number of delinquent
households, the article urges homebuyers like you to do some due diligence before you’ve purchased the home. Reading HOA budgets, bylaws, and covenants isn’t the most exciting reading in the world, but knowledge now could save you from headaches down the road. If you find something you don’t like or can’t live with, you should walk away, Realty Times says.

Read all of RealtyTimes tips at its article here. Got questions about buying in HOA-managed neighborhoods in Southern Maryland? Give me a call!

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