Home-Buying Fears and How to Face Them

Kimberly Bean
Published on October 16, 2015

Home-Buying Fears and How to Face Them

There’s no doubt about it – buying a Southern Maryland home can be a scary thing. A purchase this big requires long-term commitment both financially and when it comes to maintenance. Home buyers are afraid they’ll buy the wrong house and be stuck with an investment that is not work their money. Plenty can be done to alleviate the common fears that most home buyers face.

Structural Issues 

Cracked foundation, leaky roof, and dry rot are common real estate problems. A good inspector will point out these issues to you and you can assess the problem as necessary. Inspectors are very useful to Southern Maryland home buyers – their job is to point out every issue with the house to the buyer. Ask plenty of questions! Answering them is the inspector’s job. Ask for explanations of each issue found and find out when repairs or replacements will be needed. If an issue arises, go back and ask the seller if they will credit you for the repair after the deal closes.

Your Deposit

Another common fear among Southern Maryland buyers is the fact that the deposit may be locked in without the signatures of both parties. Remember that it is nearly impossible for the deposit to be lost. If an inspection, loan contingencies, or disclosure review is done, work closely with your agent to mark the timeframes. If the contingencies need to be removed, be sure to finish establishing everything at least a day in advance. If you are in negotiations around that date, extend the contingency date so that you will stay under contract and the protection it affords.

Buyers should also find out how the selling agent will handle the offers received on the home. Sometimes, an agent will accept the first offer when it’s a good one, and the seller will have a date by which they need to review any offers. If you are out of town or busy, stay in contact with your agent so that you will not miss out on your dream home.

My Agent Doesn’t Have My Best Interests in Mind

Some buyers worry that their agent isn’t considering their best interests when conducting business. This is just not true; good Southern Maryland real estate agents are always on the prowl and keeping an eye on the market with your best interests in mind. If you think you and your agent are not on the same page, change agents and go with one you feel more comfortable with. Both you and your agent should be committed to each other. Before you even begin the process, interview the agent as you would a job applicant.

We Won’t Find the Right House in Time

Buyers worry that they won’t find the right house quickly enough. A purchase involving thousands and thousands of dollars shouldn’t be rushed. If you have time constraints, make a back-up plan. This will help take the pressure off.

Besides being expensive, purchasing a home is also complicated. You don’t want to rush into a decision because a mistake can hurt you in the long run. It might be safer to rent or use a temporary address while you find what, in the long run, will be the best choice. Sacrifice comfort in the short term to make sure you are happy in the long term.

Whenever you have a concern or fear about a home, the process, or anyone involved, don’t hesitate to speak up! Avoid rushing, and give yourself the time to think things through.

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