Southern Maryland Home Not Selling? This Might Be Why

Kimberly Bean
Published on June 29, 2016

Southern Maryland Home Not Selling? This Might Be Why

It’s disappointing when your property sits on the market without receiving any offers. Homeowners worry when this happens – Will the house ever sell?

Instead of worrying, start looking for the reason why your house isn’t getting any attention. Is there anything wrong with the home? Is it something you did to the house – or didn’t do?

Here are some reasons that could be preventing your Southern Maryland home from selling.

Unappealing listing photos

Most potential Southern Maryland home buyers will see your house online before they decide whether to visit in person. Photography determines their first impression of your home! It might be helpful to hire a professional photographer; ideally, one who specializes in real estate. Improving your home’s online presence will make buyers want to pay a physical visit to your house.

A problem with touch-ups

Your home looks nice, but have you noticed that your kitchen is outdated? Or, there are cracks in the driveway? These things seem minor, but they can chase away potential buyers. Make appropriate renovations to your home, paying a professional to do the work to make the process easy. You can spend less than $700 for an average home renovation, which makes this an investment worth trying.

Your home is too personal

Over time, you’ve customized your Southern Maryland home according to your own likes and dislikes – and that’s great! Some people paint their bedrooms black or their porches pink, or they make other customizations to the home and its décor to suit their tastes. These are great for you, but what is a buyer going to think? Use neutral paints and customizations so that the buyer can picture themselves living there right away. If the home is too personal, the work of un-personalizing it could scare buyers away.

The price is too high

Every Southern Maryland homeowner wants to make a profit when they sell their house, but some aim a little too high and overprice their home. When the price is too high, buyers will avoid your house like the plague. You can still make a profit – and sell the house! – if you’re reasonable and friendly with your pricing.

You are too nosy during inspections

Before closing, most buyers will have the house checked out by a professional home inspector. This person will examine the house from top to bottom – often with the buyer and in tow – to be sure that everything is in good shape. Some homeowners stick around for the inspection, following the inspector and the buyer from room to room. This could send the wrong impression to the buyer. It doesn’t allow the buyer to speak freely with the inspector or their real estate agent. If you can, stay away from home during the inspection. You will be updated afterward.

Hiring the wrong real estate agent

Maybe you hired the wrong real estate agent – or you didn’t hire one at all. An experienced Southern Maryland real estate agent knows the market and your area, and they have the skills to help you through the process. They will help you make the right choices as you prepare to sell – including setting the right price.

Do your homework to find a reputable, experienced agent who you trust and who is working with your best interests at heart.

Do any of these items apply to your home? Check each and get the necessary help from your agent to identify and fix the problem.

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