How Keep Southern Maryland New Home Construction On Track

Kimberly Bean
Published on June 23, 2016

How Keep Southern Maryland New Home Construction On Track

New construction has its ups and downs. You don’t have to look very hard to find nightmare stories of new homes that have gone terribly wrong. Take these steps to make sure your Southern Maryland new home doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Visit the site regularly

New construction comes with lots of unnerving unknowns. Is your lumber showing signs of wood rot because it was left out in bad weather? Has a miscommunication with a subcontractor led to your home facing the wrong way?

Ease your nerves and ensure these problems don’t happen by visiting the construction site often and keeping an eye on the process. Don’t wait until the final walkthrough.

Take at least three walkthroughs

See your new Southern Maryland house at several points during construction. The first should be after the home has been staked out and surveyed. This gives you the chance to make sure it is situated correctly.

Visit again once the framing is complete and mechanical installation has begun. This is a good time to address issues like ventilation or electrical wiring.

Visit one last time for the final walkthrough. You’ll review your punch list at this stage.

Walking through the house as many times as possible will let you address problems as soon as they arrive, which can allow them to be corrected quicker.

We’re all human – including builders and contractors. Mistakes can happen. It’s OK to bring issues and problems to their attention. Just know that some things may appear to be problems but they’re just incomplete construction. Your builder can help you figure out the difference between the two.

Keep an eye on your punch list

Before you close, you and your Southern Maryland builder will do a final walkthrough of the completed home. You’ll have the opportunity to point out any issues, imperfections, and defects that need to be corrected before you can move in. Check for anything from scratches on the wall to poorly fitted light switches. Bring anything you find to your builder’s attention.

Have an in-depth look around the property and compile a checklist beforehand to take with you. Some construction companies even offer construction that can help you create your punch list.

Don’t be afraid to be vocal about any problems! Your builder can’t fix issues he or she doesn’t know about. If you’ve been through your checklist, and the builder has fixed any problems, you can feel confident about closing on your new home.

Know your warranty

In most states, a construction warranty is required on new homes. The amount of coverage builders provide varies, from one year to several years. Claiming on your warranty is the simplest way to correct any underlying issues with the home, whether caused by construction errors, poor workmanship, or just bad luck.

Some problems can take time to appear, to it is worth your time and money to get a professional inspection of your Southern Maryland property before the warranty expires. An inspector can point out any problems – like slow leaks or mold – that can be resolved before your warranty is up. Think of it as the final final walkthrough.

Be flexible with your time frame

You’re eager to move into your new home, but it’s important to remember that construction takes time and can easily take longer than estimated.

Many potential pitfalls can delay construction. Freak hail storms or heavy summer rain can result in time frames being shifted. Not many builders will agree to tight deadlines with penalties for late completion. Better to try and agree on timeframes for construction landmarks, like framing or roof completion.

You’ll have to pay a higher price for quick construction, but you will have a deadline for completion. It is still advisable, if possible, to have a flexible deadline on the project. This allows your builder a flexible timeframe to work on the construction, which may mean that your property suffers from fewer long-term errors.

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