How To Prevent Buyers Remorse on Your Southern Maryland Home

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on June 5, 2016

We’ve all felt buyers’ remorse at one time or another. When you buy something from a store and regret it, there is usually the option to return or even exchange the item.

Have you ever heard of homebuyers’ remorse? It happens, and we don’t have it happening to you! You can’t return your home the same way you can return an appliance.

Buying a Southern Maryland home is a big deal, and as with all big purchases, you may have a moment where you second guess yourself. Maybe you spent a little more than you had anticipated you would. Maybe you don’t really need to buy a house right now. Either way, take some time to review your decision before you sign the paperwork.

Are you just trying to win?

Do you really need this home? Does it have the right features so you won’t have to remodel? If you’re just being competitive, step back and save your money. There is always a Southern Maryland property in your price range that fits your needs, and it could be right around the corner.

It’s tempting in a bidding war to get competitive. The war brings the price of the home beyond the listing price. It’s a whole new ballgame when that happens. Step back and consider the impact this new price would have on your circumstances.

How many times have you seen the house?

How familiar are you with the home? Have you inspected it from top to bottom? Have you walked through the home multiple times? You should know it inside and out before you go to closing. Sometimes finding out something new about the house is a good thing; sometimes, learning something new could make you regret your decision.

Every walkthrough you take might change the way you see the home and its features. Visit the house when it is staged and furnished and again when it is empty. When you’re more familiar with the house – and its good points and weak points – you’ll be more confident in your decision.

Have you analyzed the floor plan?

Another way to become as familiar with the house as possible is to inspect the floor plan of the home. It may seem like an obvious question, but you’d be surprised how many homebuyers move ahead without looking at the floor plan.

Have you been through the home alone? 

Visiting the home with someone who is pitching it to you each time can skew your perception of the home. Go through at least once so you can think without outside opinions. Develop your own opinions – don’t rely on someone else to tell you how great the house is.

Have you done due diligence?

If it seems like the home is too good to be true, you might be right. Play devil’s advocate and question whether the house is as perfect as it seems to be. This makes sure you are alert to a lack of possible disclosures.

Double check previous inspections done on the house. If you don’t ask, the seller has no reason to tell you anything about past inspections. A surefire way to get buyers’ remorse is to find a problem that you could have learned about by asking.

Do you have a safety net?

While there’s no fool-proof way to avoid buyers’ remorse, a contingency based on a home inspection can help. This allows you to jump ship if something unexpected comes up. Most agents are familiar with such a contingency, so be sure to ask.

The best way to keep yourself from experiencing homebuyers’ remorse is to be as thorough as possible and have a safety net. If you’re not 100 percent convinced, don’t sign an agreement. Listen to your gut or that questioning voice in your head; it’s usually right.

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