Make Sure Your First Southern Maryland Home Has These 4 Things

Kimberly Bean
Published on June 13, 2016

Make Sure Your First Southern Maryland Home Has These 4 Things

Buying your Southern Maryland starter home can be quite a journey, and it can be emotionally exhausting. There’s a lot to consider: Needs versus wants, pricing, and location.

Regardless of the home you finally settle on, there are certain features for which you’ll want to look. Here are four such features and why you’ll want them in your first Southern Maryland home.

An affordable monthly payment

When you’re faced with a list of gorgeous Southern Maryland homes, this first feature can be overlooked. The exterior of a house and its location are always more interesting! But if your monthly costs are going to create other problems for you, this is not the right house for you. Add up your mortgage, utilities, insurance, and maintenance costs. Include a cushion for those times when unforeseen or unplanned expenses pop up. Remember that the true cost of a house is more than the house itself. If you can’t comfortably plan for these expenses, move on.

Amount of maintenance needed

Maintenance costs are unpredictable, which can make them hard to plan for. What’s important here is the age of the home itself. Houses more than 10 years old that haven’t been remodeled since the house was built could incur excessive costs.

It’s worth your time to look into newer construction in your area of Southern Maryland, too. They’re often very similar to their neighboring homes, and the same house has been built several times. Their age, paired with how many times that model has been built, can leave you with less maintenance down the line.

Room for everyone

Planning to start a family? Make sure you have room to expand. If kids or caring for aging parents is in your future, plan accordingly when you buy.

If you can afford it, it will be easier to plan for additional space now rather than trying to add on to a smaller home later. There are interior modifications you can make to open up rooms that will be cheaper than putting an addition on your house.

An easy transition

Will this new home move you further away from the people and things you love? If you’re staying in the area, find a place to live that allows you to remain connected to the people, hobbies, and activities that you enjoy. Your first home doesn’t have to uproot your entire lifestyle!

Take the time to research the Southern Maryland neighborhoods where you’re looking. If one gives you better access to the things you love to do than another, you may have found the right location for your first Southern Maryland home.

It’s also critical to consider your commute to work. If you can make it easier, we say do it!

I know the towns and neighborhoods of Southern Maryland, and I’d like to help you get to know them, too! Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

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