Does a Master Bathroom Need a Tub?

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on February 7, 2017

The Between Naps on the Porch blog posed a question the other day that got me thinking: Do master bathrooms really need a bath tub?

It’s a valid question. Think about it: If you’ve got a tub in your master bathroom, when was the last time you used it? Do you spend a lot of time in your soaking tub?

The blog – whose name I love, by way! — raises some good points: Life is busier, and very few adults have time to spend in the tub. Most adults opt to shower because it’s faster, so they never use the tub as a tub. And, in a smaller bathroom, a bathtub can be a waste of space that could be better used for a bigger shower, more storage, or a double vanity.

Is getting rid of your tub right for you? Will it affect your resale value? First, know this: Homeowners who have nixed their master bath tub still have a tub available in the house in another bathroom. This is especially important if you’ve got kids – or if your buyers have kids.

This designer firm suggests making your home work for you – you’re the one living in it after all! And, if your master bathroom wows a potential buyer, it’s likely the absence of a tub will not bother them. Replace the tub with a large, luxurious shower or extra vanity or storage space, and you’re sure to impress buyers.

What do you think? Would you get rid of your master bathroom tub?

No matter what your dream bathroom looks like, I hope you’ll give me a call when it’s time to buy or sell!

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