Don’t Dismiss a Good First Offer on Your Home

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on April 6, 2017

Home sellers have one goal: Get the most money out of their house.

Buyers have a competing goal: Get the best house for the least money.

And as a seller, it can be tempting to discount the first offer you receive on a home, even when the offer is good. It’s natural to wonder whether something better will come along.

RealtyTimes points out in a recent article that time and time again, this has been proven wrong. Sellers turn down a good first offer in favor of waiting for something better. When it doesn’t come, they end up settling for an offer that is less than that first offer.

What has changed? Well, technology has a lot to do with it. Thanks to online listings, real estate agents know instantly when a comparable home has come on the market or been sold. No more waiting for a weekly printed book of listings to be published. All this information means agents and their clients can price the home more accurately, almost eliminating the fear that a good early offer means the home was priced too low.

Read the full article from RealtyTimes here.

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