Decluttering? Toss These Items with No Remorse

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on April 19, 2017

This Old House’s Bob Vila is a trusted source for all things home repair and maintenance.

But this week, his eponymous website offered home organization advice, publishing a list of 14 things you can throw out if you’re decluttering your house. Whether you’re trying to use your space more effectively or prep your home for sale, decluttering is a daunting task. Most of us don’t know where to begin.’s list is a great way to jumpstart your purge.

(And if you’re like most people, once you start decluttering, it gets a little addicting.)

What’s on Bob Vila’s list? You can see the whole list here, but here are a few no-brainers:

  • Old clothes – If it doesn’t fit or you don’t wear it, why keep it?
  • Instruction manuals – If you’ve assembled the item, do you need to keep the directions?
  • Broken furniture – Let’s be real: Are you really going to fix that old chair?
  • Old electronics – Flip phones aren’t coming back!
  • Grungy grooming supplies – Toss your gross brush or bath pouf!

What else is on the list? Find it here.

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