Are we getting over the open floor plan?

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on August 22, 2017

Watch any design show or talk to most home buyers, and they’re looking for one thing: An open floor plan. Typically, this means the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all one space.

Open floor plans have been popular for many years because they allow parents to work in the kitchen while the kids do homework in the dining area or play in the family room.

But the Wall Street Journal reports that some buyers and homeowners are looking for something a little different: A “broken floor plan.” Why? Designers say adults are looking for just a little more personal space.

A broken floor plan can still be open, but it has areas that are sectioned off, created by three-quarter height walls or options to close of spaces such as barn doors, panels, pocket doors, or curtains.

Others, like designer Karen Vidal, are creating personal space within their home. In Vidal’s case, she converted her garage into a “mom cave.”

“It’s hard to get away from the open plan because of the way we live,” she said. “It’s a bit of separation from being on top of one another. It helps me focus.”

What about you? Would you like a “broken floor plan”?

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