Easy Ways to Give Your Bedroom Décor the Wow Factor

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on February 22, 2018

Did you ever finish a room, step back to admire it … and feel like something is missing?

If that room is your bedroom, that unfinished feeling could be because there’s something missing on the wall behind your bed, Freshome says. Luckily, the fix is easy – and in some cases, inexpensive.

Freshome lists 10 ways you can fill in that empty space above your bed and headboard. Some – like hanging a rug over the bed or using a room separator as art – require thinking outside the box. Others, though, can be accomplished with little cost or none at all if you’ve got the materials lying around. Check out these low-cost ways to amp up the style of your bedroom:

  • Paint or wallpaper the wall behind the bed with a vibrant color, creating a feature wall.
  • Create a gallery wall of favorite photographs or artwork.
  • Hang a horizontal painting or mirror over the bed.
  • Or, if you can’t find one horizontal piece of art, hang a collection of art horizontally over the bed.
  • A series of vertical panels or artwork can also fill that vacant space.

Of course, as Freshome remind us, anytime you hang art or mirrors on the wall over the bed, you want to make sure they’re secure by using the right fixturs to hang them. You don’t want anything falling on your head!

Check out the entire list of bedroom decorating ideas at Freshome here.

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