Shopping for a DIY-Type? Check Out These Must-Have Tools for Homeowners

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on December 12, 2017

The holiday shopping season is upon us here in Southern Maryland, whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah this week or preparing for Christmas. Is there a DIY homeowner on your shopping list? We came across a list of must-have tools today that are perfect gift ideas!

All of the tools in this article from are aimed at making any homeowner ready when disaster strikes. After all, when something goes wrong, you want to fix it now – not after a trip to the hardware store.

Tops on’s list is a wet-dry vac. If your tub or toilet has ever overflowed or you’ve spilled a large amount of liquid, you know there aren’t enough towels in the world to clean up that mess! These heavy-duty vacuum cleaners can suck up liquids – and they’re great at dry spills, too.

Also on the list? A cordless power drill. Whether you’re making a repair or hanging shelves, a cordless power drill will come in handy. If the DIY-er on your list doesn’t have one of these, he or she needs one! Plus, this is a gift you can keep adding on to. There are lots of attachments for these drills.

Not everything on the list is a power tool. Take the suggestion of a home weather station. Sure, you can get local weather data on your phone, but some home stations can also track the temperature in various rooms of your home or measure rainfall.

What else made’s list of must-have tools for homeowners? Check out the full list here. Is there anything you would add to the list?

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