Does Your Southern Maryland Home Pass the Smell Test?

Kimberly Bean
Published on August 28, 2018

Does Your Southern Maryland Home Pass the Smell Test?

Listing photos and curb appeal supply the first impression for potential buyers of your Southern Maryland home for sale. Their second impression may be made with their noses.

Whether they’re attending an open house at your home or are on a showing with their real estate agent, buyers are going to judge your home based on how it smells. And, if they don’t like what their noses detect, your home may get crossed off the list.

It’s not hard to make your home smell good. It starts with a good cleaning, Freshome says: Take out the trash, clean the toilet, and open the windows. A sprinkling of baking soda on fabric and upholstery can help get rid of fabric smells; just let the baking soda sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming it up. If you have cats, I’d add scooping the litter box to your pre-showing or open house preparations, even taking the litter box out of the house if you can.

Freshome’s other recommendations are geared toward Southern Maryland homesellers planning open houses, but I think you can use them while your home is being shown, too. You might not have time to bake cookies for every showing, but toasting cinnamon raisin bread can make your home smell nice, too. Simmering scents on the stove or using diffusers can be done easily before showings and open houses.

Ready to make your Southern Maryland home for sale smell great? Get all the details on Freshome.

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