Spring Dell Center Connects Disabled Citizens with Their Community

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on June 22, 2018

In 1967, the Spring Dell Center began its work in a church basement, spun off from a Charles County program for children with disabilities.

Today, the organization is marking 51 years of service to the community, growing from that church basement to its own building in La Plata, a staff of more than 100, and a client list of more than 200 people served each year.

Spring Dell Center’s expertise lies in its interdisciplinary and individual approach to each person who seeks its services. No plan is cookie cutter; each person the organization serves gets a unique plan based on their needs, interests, preferences, strengths, and challenges.

What is the goal of everything that Spring Dell Center? The answer is in its slogan: “Connecting people with disabilities to the community and employment.”

Individual services

Spring Dell Center offers a variety of residential services and day programs.

The center has residential services for more than 50 people in 20 homes and apartment across Charles County. The goal of these services is to help people live as independently as possible. Services are also available to disabled citizens and their families in their own homes.

Training programs help train people for work at an employer’s site or with work crews and contracted services that Spring Dell Center organizes. Work crews can do a variety of tasks at contracted or volunteer sites in the community. Contracted work is available to individuals in the center’s vocational day program and includes binding, mailers, packaging, sorting, and other tasks.

The center also offers a habilitation day program to those who need support with communication, life skills, or social skills. Wellness programs and music programs are also available to help clients accomplish their goals.

Ways to Get Involved

If you’re inspired by the work the Spring Dell Center does, there are lots of ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer: There are ways you can give your time during the day programs as well as helping with clerical, transportation, residential and other tasks.
  • Donate: The center accepts monetary donations as well as in-kind donations of certain services or other non-cash donations (see the list here). You can also make memorial donations or give to Spring Dell Center through your estate or will.
  • Provide employment opportunities: If you or someone you know has an opening at your business, the center can help you find someone right for your team.
  • Shop: The center operates two resale stores called Hooks ‘n Hangers in Charlotte Hall and La Plata. All proceeds from the stores benefit the center’s work.

Spring Dell Center is located at 6040 Radio Station Road in La Plata. Learn more about the organization and its services at its website and Facebook page.

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