3 Steps for Finding and Buying Your Perfect New Southern Maryland Home

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on October 16, 2015

Are you thinking about buying a new Southern Maryland home? Maybe you’ve already toured a few homes or found one you love. Don’t rush the process; there are a few factors to consider before signing the dotted line and heading to closing.

Buying a new home requires a lot of research – after all, you’re going to live here for years! Be sure you understand the process before you dive into buying a new home. Here is a three-step process that every Southern Maryland buyer should follow.

Locate and Discover

More often than not, the process of buying a house usually occurs organically and can start a year or more before the actual purchase of the home. You’ll begin by looking at Southern Maryland home listings online to see what kinds of homes are available in different price ranges. Location is a huge consideration not only for the surrounding area but also for how much house you can get for your money. For example, a four-bedroom home in one ware may cost the same as a one-bedroom condo in another area.

Where to start? Begin looking for homes in your favorite Southern Maryland neighborhoods. Read reports on home values and review statistics. This will help you put together a list of priorities so you can narrow your search. Most buyers will find a property at this stage, and that prompts them to move quickly to the next stage of the process.

Do Your Homework

Before rushing into a new home purchase, do the math and some homework. Most buyers need a mortgage in order to buy a new home. While this process has become easier as we move further from the lending and financial crisis, it is still challenging for those who are not prepared. Understand that there are some homes you can afford and some you cannot. There are many different types of loans available, and this can affect your home search. Pull your credit report, and make sure you know your financial situation. Then you can get preapproved for a loan.

Most home buyers will need to save more cash, fix their credit scores, or allow money to season for a long time before they can buy. Use the next couple of months to address financial issues.

Have Fun

Find a great Southern Maryland real estate agent, a professional whose expertise will be invaluable as you search for a new home. Go to open houses and visit as many houses as you possibly can. The more homes you look at, the better you will understand the market and have more confidence when you finally find your dream home.

Try not to stress about missing out on a couple of deals. This is all part of the home-buying process, and it’s normal to expect to pass a few good offers. With so many homes out there, try not to feel rushed or pressured into buying a new house. Buying a house is like a side job; have some fun with it!

At the same time, remember that buying a new home is a long-term investment. It’s not as simple as buying a new computer or a new phone. You can avoid buyer’s remorse by approaching the process with caution. Don’t jump at the first offer you see — understand Southern Maryland’s real estate market before making any offers.

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