Use These Websites and Apps to Research Potential Southern Maryland Neighborhoods

Kimberly Bean
Published on December 21, 2015

Use These Websites and Apps to Research Potential Southern Maryland Neighborhoods

Buying a Southern Maryland home is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your life. The process can be overwhelming because there is a lot of information to comb through. Not only will you have to look for the right lender and mortgage, but you’ll also have to research the Southern Maryland cities and neighborhoods you’d like to call home. At each stage, you’ll find yourself looking for more information. Your Realtor will have a lot of answers for your questions, but it never hurts to consult other sources as well.

One source will be word of mouth from friends and family members. Don’t let this be the only research you do on prospective Southern Maryland neighborhoods, though. Check it out for yourself.

Advances in technology are changing the real estate industry. Websites and apps provide valuable information about properties, neighborhoods, and cities. Check out these websites and apps to help you find the perfect place in Southern Maryland to call home.

Relocating to another city? is a great website with a lot of useful information. You can talk with locals in the forums and get answers to the questions you’ve been pondering. Their answers may help you narrow down where you want to live.

Once you’ve chosen a city, can help you get even more insight into the communities you’re considering. The website is designed to give visitors the opportunity to review a neighborhood as a whole. Community rankings depend on ratings given by local users.

You’re getting closer! lets you look at the statistics that define and characterize the places you’re interested in. Some information is available for free while other information requires a subscription, such as details like crime rates and appreciation rates.

Rating Apps

Mobile apps like Foursquare and Yelp can also provide you with more information. Users can rate various businesses in a city, and apps like Yelp and Foursquare also offer event information and monthly forums. These apps can give you useful insight on the quality of services you’ll find in your new city and how much variety there is in vendors. These apps can even provide information about parks in the area.

You can do a lot of preliminary research on your own, but don’t let that replace the expertise of a Southern Maryland real estate professional. They can give you exact information about the neighborhoods you’re considering as well as offer insight about those places. Because they know you and the place where you’re moving, they can help you figure out whether a Southern Maryland neighborhood fits your lifestyle and interests. Pairing the knowledge of a real estate agent with information from these websites and apps can help you be prepared to make the best home purchase possible.

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