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Maryland SmartBuy helps homebuyers like you, with eligible student debt, purchase a home. Pay off student debt AND get highly attractive financing and closing cost assistance to purchase move-in-ready homes made available through the Department of Housing and Community Development.

For more information on SmartBuy program details and eligibility, download the Program Flyer or Program Fact Sheet.

To qualify for Maryland SmartBuy, homebuyers must have an existing student debt (in repayment or deferred status) with a balance of a minimum of $1,000 and up to a maximum of 15% of the home purchase price. Maryland SmartBuy financing will provide up to 15% of the home purchase price for the borrower to pay off the outstanding student debt. The full student debt must be paid off at the time of the home purchase. Homebuyers must meet all eligibility requirements for the Maryland Mortgage program.

First Things First:

  • You need to get pre qualified by a lender and see if you are eligible for this program. Specific requirements apply.
  • This program has eligible properties all throughout southern Maryland. A REALTOR® can help you find a home.

More information is available about the Maryland Mortgage program and the other products offered by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.