4 Reasons (and More!) Your Southern Maryland Home Closing May be Delayed

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on April 25, 2018

Once you’ve made an offer on a Southern Maryland house and jumped through all the hoops to move toward closing, there’s nothing you want more than those brand new keys! And while the average time for a home closing is 44 days – and some can be wrapped up within a month – some buyers will experience delays.

It’s frustrating, I know, but there are many reasons why your closing may be taking longer than you’d like. Here are just a few – and some of them are out of your control:

Changes to your credit: Right before closing day, your lender will pull your credit report. Making large purchases – including furniture and appliances for your new home! – and taking on new debt will raise red flags for your lender. Hold off until you’ve settled on the house.

Title issues and liens: If the title search turns up any problems with the title, the seller may need extra time to correct them. Or, if there are liens on the property – unpaid bills like HOA fees, taxes, or contractor bills – your closing could be delayed until those bills are paid.

Death: If one of the homeowners dies, settlement could be delayed as the estate moves through the will or probate process.

More information: If the lender needs more information about part of your application or has trouble verifying something, that process could delay closing.

Realtor.com has a list of many more items at its website. No matter what might be slowing down your closing, know that you can always call me with questions!

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