Is Your Guest Room Ready for Thanksgiving Guests?

Kimberly Bean
Published on November 15, 2018

Is Your Guest Room Ready for Thanksgiving Guests?

The holiday season is upon us, which means your guest room is booked! It’s easy to overlook your guest room because it probably spends most of its time vacant, but there are some important touches you can add that make it a comfortable place for your guests. In the rush of preparing your guest room or other guest space, Houzz suggests remembering these essentials and basic items.

Water: Guests may not know where to get a glass of water, so a carafe of water and drinking glasses in the room make it easy for them.

Lighting: Having good light next to the bed can help make the room feel welcoming. It’s also great for reading!

Extra blankets: Not everyone has the same comfort zone when it comes to temperature, so a couple of extra warm blankets will be appreciated.

Trash can: A small trash can in the room helps keep the room tidy and makes it convenient for your guests to throw out trash.

Wall hooks: From wet towels to coats to clothing, a wall hooks or pegs are an easy way to provide storage space for your guests.

What else is essential for a comfortable and welcoming guest room? Check Houzz’s entire list here.

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