Too Many Toys? How to Control Post-Holiday Toy Chaos

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on December 27, 2017

The holidays are over, and you probably have scads of new toys and books in your home. It can feel like they’re taking over every room in the house!

But don’t despair. With a little work – and help from the kids! – you can tame toy chaos and reclaim your home. We think these tips from Zillow Porchlight are a great place to start. Zillow shares seven tips, but these three really stand out to us:

Declutter: New toys have come into your house, so it’s time for some toys to leave. Have the kids help you sort out toys they’ve outgrown or no longer use. These can be donated, given to a younger friend or relative, or stored away for future siblings. Broken toys should be tossed.

Boundaries: Don’t want toys in the dining room? It’s time to set some rules. Let kids know where it’s OK to play with their toys.

Organization: Every toy should have a home, so make sure your toy area is organized with bins, shelves, baskets, and boxes. If there’s someplace for each toy to go, there’s no excuse for them to be strewn around the house.

Check out all of the tips from Zillow here. How do you tame the toys?

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