Key Factors For Choosing A Southern Maryland Storage Facility

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on May 24, 2016

Has this happened to you? You’re decluttering your house and dividing everything into three piles: Keep, donate, trash.

But we all have possessions that don’t fit into those categories. You don’t use them often (maybe never), but you can’t throw them away or donate them. Sentimental items often fall into this category.

If you have no place to keep them in your home, the next best option is to rent a storage facility. In storage, your things are secure and easily accessible to you. How do you choose the right facility? Start here.


It’s hard to judge how much space you actually need to store your items. Go too big, and you waste money on space you’re not using. Go too small, and you don’t have enough room for everything you want to keep in the unit.

To figure out the size you need, make a list of everything you want to store. Shop around for quotes, and ask for advice from storage companies. They’ll be able to help you choose the right size unit.

Climate Control

You will spend a little more for it, but a climate-controlled storage unit will protect delicate and sentimental items. An area like Southern Maryland has varying climactic conditions, and a climate-controlled unit will keep your items at a constant temperature and humidity – regardless of the weather outside.


How often will you need to get to the items in your storage unit? Go close to home if you’ll need to access your things regularly. If you will rarely need to visit the unit, look further from home. Units in more isolated or rural areas tend to be cheaper than those close to cities and other populated areas.


While some storage facilities boast 24-hour access, others do not. Could you get there on a weekday if you needed something from your unit? Think about when you might need to access your items as you research your storage options.


Look for these security and safety features when you visit storage facilities. You want your possessions to be secure.

CCTV and Alarm: Look for a modern camera surveillance system and alarm system. Both should cover the whole site.

Fire Safety: The facility should have fire alarms and a sprinkler system.

Other Security Features: A ventilation system or gaps at the top of the walls allow air to circulate to prevent mildew. Floors should be raised to avoid the flow of surface water, and the door should have a strong latch so you can use your own lock.

Upkeep: You can tell a lot about whether you can trust a company by how well the facility is maintained. Structural damage can lead to leaking, pests, and other issues. Dirty and cluttered areas can indicate a lack of maintenance throughout the property and an increased risk for fires.

Other Amenities: You may also appreciate these features:

  • Equipment and loading docks for client use
  • Lots of parking with direct access to your unit
  • Adequate lighting so you can move things around during the day and at night
  • High occupancy. If lots of other people trust the company, chances are good that you can, too.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Before you choose a company, visit several in person. You’ll be able to see the strengths and weaknesses of each before making a decision.

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