Life After Retirement Requires The Right House

Kimberly Bean
Published on October 16, 2015

Life After Retirement Requires The Right House

When you’re 40 or 50, you might think it’s still too early to worry about life after retirement. But if you’re buying a Southern Maryland home at this age and planning to settle there, the home you choose will impact your options for the future. Remember these considerations before you buy your next home, especially if you plan to live there for the rest of your life.

Is the neighborhood walkable?

When you’re older, you may want to live somewhere that’s centrally located. Can you walk or use public transit to get where you want to go? Your new neighborhood should also be walkable, well lit, and well maintained. This will make the neighborhood safe for pedestrians. Consider whether the neighborhood is close to restaurants, grocery stores, and other shopping. How far away is your doctor? Is there a pharmacy nearby?

Are there local social opportunities?

Life after retirement will be a blast if you live in a Southern Maryland community that has a lot of activities and people to meet. Some communities host events, volunteer activities, and classes at their neighborhood centers. Churches, libraries, parks, and museums nearby can help enrich your quality of life.

Is the home the right size?

Consider downsizing when you move into the home that you’re going to retire in. While a big Southern Maryland house with a big lawn is beautiful now, remember that you will need to maintain it. If you can’t take care of that big house and lawn on your own, will you be able to afford to hire someone to do so for you? A better choice may be to move into a smaller house that you can easily manage yourself.

Is the home accessible?

An accessible Southern Maryland home will be easy to live in now and after you’re retired. The home should have:

  • Wide walkways and halls
  • A single-story layout with no entry stairs
  • No random steps in the house
  • Enough lighting
  • Easy-to-reach storage space
  • Counters at the appropriate height
  • Walk-in shower with seat
  • Enough floor space for easy movement

If you have accessibility challenges right now, these will only worsen as you age. Consider renovating your home or moving to a house that will make movement easier for you.

Can you modify the home?

Finding the perfect home is never easy, and you may find one you like that doesn’t have the accessibility features you want. In this case, consider renovating the home to make it ideal for you as you age. Some changes you can make include:

  • Installing more indoor and outdoor lighting to improve visibility
  • Choose chairs and sofas with sturdy armrests and back support
  • Install handrails in the bathroom by the tub and toilet
  • Add non-slip surfaces to the shower and tub to prevent falls
  • Add handrails to indoor and outdoor stairs
  • Replace round doorknobs with lever handles
  • Choose countertops and tables with rounded edges

Keep your plan in mind

Choosing a Southern Maryland home now that will support you as you age will make your retirement life much easier. The home will be comfortable now – and in the future! When you shop for a new home, remember the changes you’ll experience as you age, and you’ll find a house you can live in for years to come.

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