Plan Ahead to Avoid These Contractor Pet Peeves

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on March 29, 2017

So much goes into choosing and working with contractors, whether you’re building a brand-new home or hiring someone to do work on your existing home.

And while they say the customer is always right, there are things you may say during the process that could affect your contractor’s work. Three of the examples listed by Houzz in this article struck us as being solved with one simple action: Planning.

The first? Asking to make changes to your fixtures – after you’ve decided. Many times, work can’t begin until you’ve made your selections. Make your choices, and be sure they’re the ones you want. Changing midstream can slow down or stop your progress.

Next up is asking for something out-of-the ordinary in the middle of the process; the example in the article is asking to hang a heavy chandelier on a 20-foot ceiling. Unusual requests are OK; just make sure you give your contractors plenty of notice.

The last example that struck us was asking for a meeting late on a Friday. Really? No one – no one – wants to go to a 5 p.m. meeting on a Friday. Plan your meetings at another time – or, as Houzz suggests, set up several meetings at better times to get your contractor’s undivided attention.

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