Finding Flexibility — and Privacy — in Your Open Floor Plan

Kimberly Bean
Published on May 16, 2017

Finding Flexibility — and Privacy — in Your Open Floor Plan

Ask most Southern Maryland home buyers what type of floor plan they’d like in their home, and most will give you the same answer: They want an open floor plan.

Their answer is no surprise. The kitchen, living room, and dining room are the hubs of our homes, and it’s attractive to have them all in one space so that the family can be together, no matter what you’re each doing.

But sometimes you want a little closed space, and Houzz had some great ideas recently for how you can add some seclusion so your open floor plan. Take these examples:

The kitchen is a mess – how do you hide it during dinner (especially when you’ve got company!)? The answer, Houzz says, is to make the kitchen semi-open. A wall of cabinets with a pass-through window allows anyone in the kitchen to be part of the action while hiding the dishes during dinner.

You want a cozy space, but there’s no place to hide in an open floor plan. Houzz suggests taking advantage of the natural seclusion and privacy offered by corners. Place comfortable furniture the right way, and you can create a space that feels small.

The TV room is noisy, and you want to have a quiet conversation in the dining room. For this dilemma, Houzz suggests sliding interior doors. If wide doorways separate these two areas, these doors can be open when you want the rooms to flow together and slid closed when you need privacy or quiet.

What if your house doesn’t have an open floor plan? You’re not alone; many older homes don’t. Houzz’s article also makes suggestions if you wish the floor plan for your home was more open than it is. Read the entire article here.

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