So Your Southern Maryland House Hasn’t Sold? Advice for 2016

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on January 3, 2016

Last year is gone, and the Southern Maryland property you were trying to sell in 2015 is still on the market. It hasn’t budged. Now what?

While it’s natural to feel disappointed or frustrated, don’t despair. You still have many options! Here are some things you can do to help you move forward in 2016.

Take Your House Off the Market

Sometimes, it’s important to understand that the market just isn’t quite right at the moment. Though, in most cases, any Southern Maryland property will sell at the right prices. If you’re serious about moving, you may benefit from re-evaluating your current list price before taking your home off the market. But, if you’re thinking about making some improvements to your home to increase its desirability, taking it off the market for a few months can be a good idea.

Put the money you’d be paying for your listing into minor repairs or design improvements that can boost the appeal of your Southern Maryland house. Sometimes, all it takes is one more unique feature, so use your imagination or the Internet to come up with an idea that make your property stand out from the rest. It could be a clever storage solution or a feature wall. Just remember that making improvements doesn’t mean you can suddenly bump up your price. There’s a reason your house didn’t sell before, so keep that in mind.

Relist Your Home

Thinking about relisting with your current Southern Maryland real estate agent? Ask their advice before you do so. They may have some ideas about why your home didn’t sell. It may go back to pricing, which is always the one of the trickiest parts of the home-selling process. Your agent can help you improve your campaign to attract buyers.

Your listing needs to convince buyers that your Southern Maryland home is worth buying. Photos should be clear and high quality, showing the home at its best. If you can’t take good pictures yourself, it’s worth paying a professional photographer to come in and do it. Someone with experience in the field knows how to use light and composition to make rooms appear big and inviting.

The description of your home should be detailed and tells a potential buyer about all of the property’s great features. Describe the advantages of your location and talk about what drew you to the house in the first place. You’re not just selling your house; you’re selling the lifestyle that comes along with it.

Sell It Yourself

Perhaps you feel like you are done with real estate agents and agencies. They didn’t sell your house, and you don’t want to pay them any more money. Maybe you can do a better job of it yourself. One option is “for sale by owner,” shortened to FSBO.

This option is appealing to many sellers, but the time, effort, and money that go into planning a marketing strategy to sell a home are actually pretty hefty. With a FSBO, you’ll need to build the whole campaign yourself and find all the places to list your house. To get wide enough coverage to find a buyer, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into that marketing campaign.

If you have the time and expertise to carry this out, a FSBO certainly might be feasible for you. Otherwise, remember that you’re paying the agent to put in all that time and effort for you – as well as dealing with negotiations with the buyer.

Find a New Agent

In some situations, the best bet for selling your home will be to find a new agency to help you. A good Southern Maryland real estate agent will review your old marketing campaign and make improvements this time around. They’ll help you improve the listing and share their expert advice on how to increase the chance of a sale. Even if you’ve been disappointed by a real estate agency in the past, using an agent is the wisest course of action.

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