Un-Deck the Halls of Your Southern Maryland Home with These Organization Tips

Kimberly Bean
Kimberly Bean
Published on January 3, 2019

It’s fun to put out the Christmas and holiday decorations, but now that New Year’s is past, you might be wishing they’d just put themselves away.

Do you have a plan for un-decking the halls?

Rather than haphazardly putting decorations in boxes and bins, Realtor.com says you should undecorate your home in an organized way. Check out these mistakes you want to be sure that you don’t make when you pack up the decorations.

Not protecting fragile decorations: If you skip wrapping your ornaments in bubble wrap or paper, you could be in for a surprise next fall when your favorites are broken. Take the time now so you can preserve your holiday treasures.

Not sorting your decorations: “If you didn’t put it up this year, what are the chances you’ll do it next year?” Realtor.com asks. If a decoration hasn’t seen the light of day for several holidays, it’s time to let it go. Donate usable items and toss anything that is worn or broken.

Not organizing: Do you toss ornaments in where ever they fit, or do you keep your boxes and bins organized? Pack your ornaments and decorations in an organized way so that you’ll know where everything is. Put like items together; for example, outdoor decorations should be packed together.

What’s your plan for taking down your holiday decorations? Share your tips with us on social media and read the rest of Realtor.com list of don’ts here.

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